ABM report

"Visualization" of purchasing intentions on a company-by-company basis
Sales & marketing activity support service

Utilize information on corporate interests (intent data)
to achieve effective digital sales and marketing.

ABM Report is a sales and marketing support service that enables you to quickly understand "which companies are interested in what genres" by analyzing the behavioral history data of the members of IT/industry specialized media operated by IT Media.

ABM Report Three Usage Scenes

for Sales / Inside Sales

Understanding business

We provide ranking-style reports for companies that are actively collecting information in specific genres.

Since it is possible to quickly identify companies that may have begun to consider introducing products, it is possible to carry out sales activities efficiently ahead of other companies.

for Marketing

Promotion of data marketing

Not only companies that are of increasing interest, but also "competitors that your company should be aware of" and "popular content" can be grasped.

Since various data can be downloaded, it can be imported into various tools such as your company's MA / SFA / CRM and used as a scenario of customer interest provided by the media.

for Sales / Inside Sales & Marketing

Finding deals from acquired leads

For companies that have used ITmedia lead generation service so far, the lead information acquired over the past two years is linked to the ABM report.

Therefore, using the ABM report will give you an idea of when to approach again, so you can make the best use of your past assets.

ABM report data source

In the ABM report, the registration information and behavior history data of members of these media are aggregated for each company and analyzed by our own logic to report the degree of interest / interest and purchasing motivation for each genre.

Supporting the introduction and purchasing of IT products / services


Number of members: Approximately 430,000

Comprehensive information site for corporate IT products


Number of members: Approximately 330,000

Provide the latest information

on marketing with a focus on technology

PV: Approximately 400,000
UB: Approximately 220,000

Problem-solving media for IT experts


PV: Approximately 11.42 million
UB: Approximately 4.9 million

Product / service information site for manufacturing industry


Number of members:
Approximately 210,000

Audience dashboard

You can browse the number of interested people by genre.

ABM report use case

What is KDDI's calling technique using "ABM data" for the seminar list?

KDDI Corporation

"ABM has changed the organization"
Tips on how to create new business
opportunities using ABM reports

Fire Eye Co., Ltd.

Case 2 Keyman exploration of target company

Foreign security vendor
ISR staff

Issues We were conducting telemarketing to the list of companies (about 10,000 companies) designated by the head office, but we could not prioritize them and there was a problem with operational efficiency.

How to use the ABM report
Among the designated companies, priority is given to telemarketing for companies with activities that appear in the ranking of the ABM report.

the obtained effect
We also telemarket to companies that do not appear in rankings and compare the connection rate with key people. As a result, the keyman connection rate was 50% higher when calling companies that appeared in the ranking, which led to improved operational efficiency.

Case 3 Finding projects from past acquired leads

Foreign-affiliated network vendor New development staff

Challenges I have accumulated a lot of leads that I have acquired in the past, but I have not been able to make good use of them. I can't decide who to contact when I approach again.

How to use ABM report
Understand the companies that are actively collecting information from the ABM report. Among them, we extracted the past acquisition leads of end users who are particularly active and carried out telemarketing.

obtained effects
After conducting telemarketing to 125 extracted leads, 5 deals were found. The conversion rate was two to three times higher than that of conventional telemarketing.

Materials for the ABM report
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