Lead activation option service

Questionnaire customization

Change the questionnaire before viewing content to understand issues and requests.

This is an option to customize the survey before viewing the content.
Use it to select prospective customers that match your interests and targets in the list you earn.
Lead acquisition options Survey customization

Lead customized delivery service

Process the acquired leads into a format that is easy for you to use and deliver

This is an optional service to process and deliver lead data in a specified format.
We support direct delivery to marketing automation tools via data integration tools and processing of lead data according to your format.

Lead acquisition option Custom delivery

Process lead information according to your format and deliver

Lead acquisition options Lead custom delivery

Delivered via your company's data integration tool

Lead acquisition options Lead custom delivery

Delivered via our partner's data integration tool

Retargeting email

Capture and continuously approach members who are interested in your content and products.

A typical retargeting advertisement is contact with a banner, but this option extracts users who have contacted your Leadgen content posted on ITmedia with ITmedia DMP and approaches (retargeting) by email.
LG acquisition option retargeting email


Extract the next action from the "member who is browsing the content" at the moment of becoming a lead

By providing a guidance space next to the white paper, we encourage "members browsing content" who are most interested in your content and services to take the next action.
Lead acquisition option Self- nurturing

Thanks mail

Achieve timely follow-up by delivering thank-you emails from the media

Within one week after acquiring the lead, we will deliver the email "Thanks mail" to the target person and guide you to your company's website before the memory of the content contact person is awakened.
  Lead acquisition Lead acquisition option Thanks mail  
  Lead acquisition option email  
  Lead extraction Lead acquisition option Thanks mail  
  Lead acquisition option email  
  Thanks mail delivery Lead acquisition option Thanks mail delivery  


Acting for the primary follow-up of acquired leads

Our partner will conduct telemarketing on the acquired leads. Please use this service as a substitute for primary follow-up, such as cleansing of leads and interviewing of information necessary for sales activities.
Lead acquisition options Telemarketing

Materials for lead generation service
Inquire about services
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