Lead acquisition


Do you have any of these issues?


・ I don't know how many leads I can get until I try
・ I want a lead that matches the target I'm aiming for


・ Insufficient house list for attracting customers to events
・ No sales contacts to develop new business areas


・ No motivated leads and no opportunities for business meetings
・ Need information to help prioritize sales and provide a reference

Introducing case studies

Lead acquisition case Vector Japan

Lead acquisition aiming to develop new fields,
achieved a conversion rate of "30%"

Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

The leads you get are easier to screen and
I think the quality is very good

Cybereason G.K.

Recommended seminar

"There is no exhibition" "Business cards cannot be exchanged"
A concrete method to survive sales and marketing activities under Wiz Corona by "digitalization"


Even if the same sales / marketing activities are carried out, the main points that should be kept in mind are different when digitized, and if they are carried out blindly, the effect will be diminished. Here, we will introduce a specific method for "digitization of sales and marketing activities."

B2B Digiana Marketing

Why doesn't the number of business negotiations increase even if I exhibit at an exhibition?
What is "B2B Digiana Marketing" that creates "business negotiations on the day of the exhibition" and subsequent "individual business negotiations"?

In order to increase "business negotiations on the day of the exhibition" and "individual business negotiations" by following up without using human resources as much as possible, "B2B Digiana Marketing" that incorporates digital measures utilizing the company's business list and exhibition materials. Is effective.

ITreview × ITmedia
BtoB marketers want to keep in mind Changes in the purchasing review process and countermeasures

For BtoB company product managers, sales managers, and those involved in planning and planning sales and marketing strategies, we explain how to respond to changes in the purchasing process based on the use of media and review sites. ..

[Free webinar in 10 minutes]
Introducing online exhibitions for the manufacturing industry


Our ITmedia Inc. has held online exhibitions for the past 10 years. We will introduce the online exhibitions that we operate and explain the process of connecting the leads after acquisition to business negotiations.

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