Awareness / branding


Do you have any of these issues?


・We would like to raise the name recognition and execute a branding strategy
・ We have good product / service, but it’ not well known.


Let a customer know how we differentiate our product from the competitors.
・ We want our customers to know our efforts and actions.


We want to approach the people who are interested.
・We would like to raise the name recognition among the target people.

Introducing case studies

Starting with the absence of marketing staff, a sales increase of 700% has been achieved through the media strategy using advertorial article.

AVer Information Co., Ltd.

With direct and indirect effects of inbound acquisition, it had the effect of overwhelming display advertising.
It had the effect of overwhelming display advertising.

V-cube Inc.

Recommended seminar

Tips for achieving results at webcast


In this webinar, we will reconsider the position of the webcast in BtoB marketing, and explain in an easy-to-understand manner the tips and points that will produce results as a merit / cost comparison with a real (physical) seminar and as a marketing measure.

Is it an illusion that content leads to leads?

What is the perspective required for advertorials that lead to results?

Regarding efforts by BtoB companies to acquire prospects with the power of content, in Part 1 GAX Marketing Mr. Sato will explain the key points of content marketing that efficiently creates prospects with "case studies" and advertorial article advertorials. I would like to introduce you.

ITreview × ITmedia
BtoB marketers want to keep in mind Changes in the purchasing review process and countermeasures

For BtoB company product managers, sales managers, and those involved in planning and planning sales and marketing strategies, we explain how to respond to changes in the purchasing process based on the use of media and review sites. ..

[Free webinar in 10 minutes]
Introducing online exhibitions for the manufacturing industry


Our ITmedia Inc. has held online exhibitions for the past 10 years.
We will introduce the online exhibitions that we operate and explain the process of connecting leads after acquisition to business negotiations.

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