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450 million page views per month

52 million unique browsers per month

Monthly delivery of more than 4,900 articles

* January 2022 results

We propose various services for various purposes

Lead Generation / Content Syndication
Registration drive for in-house webinar

ITmedia capability

We provide support on 1. increasing awareness 2. generating lead 3. nuturing prospect/lead

■ online exhibition / sponsored webinars hosted by ITmedia Inc.

Held according to a specialized theme, you can choose an exhibition or webinar that suits your product.
Participants are readers of various specialized media such as @IT, so they are also highly interested in related products.
Depending on the plan, you can not only get leads but also speak as a speaker.
<Main examples in the past>
Title / Overview Theme

ITmedia SaaS EXPO
Holding period: 1.5 months Number of customers: 2,800 registered

Business planning, financial accounting,
General affairs, sales / marketing, personnel affairs, telework

ITmedia Security Week
Holding period: 3 weeks Number of customers: 1,500 registered

Cyber security risk and management,
Telework security,
Cloud & Network Security,
Endpoint measures & data protection, PPAP removal, silo removal

ITmedia DX Summit
Holding period: 1 month Number of customers: 950 registered

Renewal of IT infrastructure,
Data infrastructure development and data utilization, business automation,
Low code development


■ Lead generation service

We will generate leads with PDF content.
You can set the number / filter of leads in advance.

<Acquisition image>
Flow of lead acquisition

■ Advertorial article

ITmeia's professional editors interview and publish the specialized article, and many readers who engage ITmedia assets see the article.

<Posted image>
Image of advertorial article

Introducing specialized media for the IT / SaaS industry

Technology-focused media for “business-changing” IT experts
Comprehensive information site for IT products and companies

PV: Approximately 9.62 million UB: Approximately 4.14 million Number of members: Approximately 350,000
Membership media that supports the introduction and purchase of IT products and services SaaS / cloud service selection site by word of mouth
Number of members: Approximately 480,000

4900 products, about 60,000 reviews (* 1)

ITmedia NEWS
A comprehensive news site that speedily provides the latest information on domestic and overseas IT and business with an overwhelming volume.
Practical information media that supports the digital transformation of companies that connect the power of IT to results
PV: Approximately 18.57 million UB: Approximately 6.58 million (* 2) PV: Approximately 1.59 million UB: Approximately 1.02 million
ITmedia Executive
A community for executives and CIOs to change the light of the company

Business media that responds to the action leader's "I want to know" with the theme of "IT x business growth"
Number of members: Approximately 8,000 PV: Approximately 33.69 million UB: Approximately 9.34 million (* 2)

The number of PV / UB / members as of March 2022. * 1 as of January 2021 * 2 as of January 2022 For more information, please refer to the management media introduction material.

Introducing case studies

SaaS EXPO case study DocuSign

Exhibited at SaaS Expo to develop new layers,
Conversion rate to business negotiations increased to 8%

DocuSign Japan Co., Ltd.

The leads you get are easier to screen and
I think the quality is very good

Cybereason G.K.

ABM Report Case Study Trellix

"ABM has changed the organization"
Tips on how to create new business opportunities using ABM reports

Fire Eye Co., Ltd.

advertorial article example AVer Information

Starting with the absence of marketing staff, a sales increase of 700% has been achieved through the media strategy using advertorial article.
AVer Information Co., Ltd.

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