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advertorial article(article planning "Special")

ITmedia is one of the largest Internet-only media in Japan.

Our specialized editorial staff will finish your products and services.
Utilizing the characteristics of the many sites operated by ITmedia,
we can efficiently guide readers to advertorial articles.

400 million page views per month

67 million unique browsers per month

More than 8,300 articles delivered per month


Problem solving

You can expect such an effect

Confidence by posting on specialized media

Gain understanding of products and services by reading articles

Editor-created content available at a later date

Contributes to the evaluation of your site because it will continue to remain even after the article is published

Features of advertorial article


ITmedia Inc. is a long-established online media with a history of 2000 to 20 years.
It is also one of the few online-only TSE prime market-listed media companies.

Objective articles

The editorial department specializing in each medium handles coverage and editing.
Since the editorial department usually creates articles with the reader in mind, it is possible to convey the customer's message in a form that suits the reader's needs and issues.


We promise to measure the effect after posting and posting.
We will give you reports unique to Internet media advertisements such as the number of PVs, UBs, and staying time, so it will be easier to verify the effectiveness of posting and posting.

Media that fits the reader's interest

Types of advertorial article

Extensive reporting content

Image of the article

Flow and schedule for implementation

Customer comments/ case studies search

AVer Information Co., Ltd.

Introducing media usage strategies that utilize advertorial article advertorials to achieve "7 times sales" from the absence of marketing

Polycom Japan Co., Ltd.

Introducing Poly's efforts to achieve lead acquisition at a low unit price, which is nearly five times the expected lead acquisition through challenges that are not bound by preconceived ideas.

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