Advertising using
reader behavior data

Target layer

More effective advertising placement
based on "reader behavior data"

For a long time, in Internet advertising, it was common to place advertisements on a "website" or "media" basis. ITmedia Inc. analyzes the behavior history of readers who browsed articles in each media operated by ITmedia. We offer advertising products based on "reader behavior data". Since advertisements are distributed and operated based on "reader's behavior" (reader's interests), more effective advertisement placement is possible.

ITmedia Click Guaranteed Ads

Based on reader behavior data, we will deliver banner advertisements to "people who are interested in something" such as "cloud computing", "information leakage measures", and "network management". Banner ads are delivered not only to media groups operated by ITmedia Inc., but also to external sites through Google ads, etc. using reader behavior data.

In the target media in ITmedia Inc.

Delivered to target readers

Use readers' behavioral data to deliver ads

to target readers on external sites using Google ads, etc.

We guarantee the CPC and the "number of clicks" for the implementation.

Behavior targeting advertorial

Identify "interests / interests" based on reader behavior data (article browsing history). Only people with high "interests" will be guided to advertorial article. Since the guided advertisement is displayed only to those who are highly interested, you can expect an increase in the staying time and reading rate of the advertorial article.

By linking reader behavior data to external services such as Google Ads and performing extended distribution, it will be possible to capture the same "people with interests / interests" who have never visited ITmedia Inc. with external media. This allows you to increase your reach.

ITmedia DMP

Combining the "reader behavior data" of various ITmedia Inc. operated by ITmedia, which boasts 150 million PV / 25 million UB per month, and the data accumulated in the membership platform "ITmedia Inc. ID", which has more than 750,000 registered members, "ITmedia DMP" is a unique data management platform that is responsible for its utilization.

By combining reader behavior data and member data, "high-precision targeting across our media", "external advertisement distribution using reader behavior data", "strong advertisement report", "cooperative use of reader behavior data", etc. are possible.

High precision across our media


Audience targeting

It is possible to target and deliver according to the attribute of the target and the degree of interest in a specific keyword.
By distributing advertising space across the media operated by our company, we can effectively approach more readers who have a strong desire to collect information while ensuring the quality of the posted surface.

Our audience data


Utilized external advertisement distribution

A publisher trading desk that connects to SNS such as DSP (Demand Side Platform) and ITmedia Inc., which have a large distribution parameter, and distributes advertisements outside ITmedia using segments created by ITmedia DMP is possible.

Strengthening and expanding advertising reports

Further visualize the attribute information of the audience who contacted the promotion.
By providing not only numerical values such as PV, imp, and Click, but also + α information, we will clarify the advertising effect and provide insights for the next measure.

Audience data linkage

By installing the ITmedia DMP tag on the relevant page of the client, it is possible to visualize the audience attributes of the company's site based on the registration information of the ITmedia ID and analyze the content being viewed on the ITmedia Inc.. In addition, it is possible to create a new target list and deliver advertisements based on the analysis results.

Audience dashboard

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