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You can expect such an effect

Reach directly to readers gathering in highly specialized media

Proper targeting

The period from submission to distribution is short, and results are obtained in a short period of time.

Features of online advertising

Japan's largest
Internet-only media
boasting high expertise

member of specialized media
We operate more than 20 specialized media covering fields such as IT, manufacturing, business and culture, such as "ITmedia NEWS", "MONOist" and "Netorabo".
We will contribute to increasing awareness of your service and acquiring leads through the largest Internet-only media in Japan that has achieved 400 million PV.

Posted in smartphone
view and apps

A wide variety of advertisements
Advertisements can also be placed on smartphone views of specialized media operated by ITmedia and apps (ITmedia for iPhone, ITmedia for Android) with a cumulative total of over 1 million downloads.

"DMP" that can send only
"interested readers"

Target layer
With DMP that combines attribute data accumulated in the membership base "ITmedia Inc. ID" with more than 1 million registered members, only "interested readers" can be targeted across media.

ITmedia DMP

ITmedia DMP is a private DMP that combines the browsing history of our content, which amounts to 25 million UB and 150 million PV per month, and the attribute data accumulated in the membership base "ITmedia Inc. ID", which has more than 750,000 registered members. (Publisher DMP).

High precision across our media


Audience targeting

It is possible to target and deliver according to the attribute of the target and the degree of interest in a specific keyword.
By distributing advertising space across the media operated by our company, we can effectively approach more readers who have a strong desire to collect information while ensuring the quality of the posted surface.

Our audience data


Utilized external advertisement distribution

A publisher trading desk that connects to SNS such as DSP (Demand Side Platform) and ITmedia Inc., which have a large distribution parameter, and distributes advertisements outside ITmedia using segments created by ITmedia DMP is possible.

Strengthening and expanding advertising reports

Further visualize the attribute information of the audience who contacted the promotion.
By providing not only numerical values such as PV, imp, and Click, but also + α information, we will clarify the advertising effect and provide insights for the next measure.

Audience data linkage

By installing the ITmedia DMP tag on the relevant page of the client, it is possible to visualize the audience attributes of the company's site based on the registration information of the ITmedia ID and analyze the content being viewed on the ITmedia Inc.. In addition, it is possible to create a new target list and deliver advertisements based on the analysis results.

ITmedia Click Guaranteed Ads

Guaranteed CPC amount and clicks.
We will deliver advertisements by utilizing the audience data of specialized media.

Delivered on the target media within ITmedia

On an external service
Audience targeting and delivery

By segmenting using the browsing history of the media, you can deliver advertisements to "interested people".
As you grow your audience data, the quality of the underlying data is different, so you can maintain high performance.

Audience dashboard

You can browse the number of interested people by genre.

Popular ads with strong impact and premium feel

Billboard video ads

It is an ad space that regenerates video content directly under the global navigation of each media. It can have a strong impact on the reader and is ideal for branding.

In-lead video ads

This is an ad that scrolls the article page, displays the ad part under the article, and then starts playing the video. After reading the article, the reader can see the video in a natural way, and it is possible to expose it from the beginning of the content without waste.

Our media

IT comprehensive information portal covering various contents of ITmedia ITmedia NEWS
A comprehensive news site that speedily provides the latest information on domestic and overseas IT and business with an overwhelming volume.

PV: Approximately 1.47 million UB: Approximately 300,000 (* 1)

PV: Approximately 18.57 million UB: Approximately 6.58 million

Business media that responds to the action leader's "I want to know" with the theme of "IT x business growth" Practical information media that supports the digital transformation of companies that connect the power of IT to results

PV: Approximately 33.69 million UB: Approximately 934 (* 1)

PV: Approximately 1.59 million UB: Approximately 1.02 million

ITmedia Executive
A community for executives and CIOs to change the light of the company
ITmedia Marketing
From strategy planning to implementation. Comprehensive marketing information

Number of members: Approximately 8,000

PV: Approximately 310,000 UB: Approximately 170,000

Information site for mastering smartphones and mobile phones Web information magazine useful for all PC / tablet users

PV: Approximately 11.27 million UB: Approximately 4.64 million

PV: Approximately 4.16 million UB: Approximately 1.54 million

Technology-focused media for “business-changing” IT experts
Comprehensive information site for IT products and companies

PV: Approximately 9.62 million UB: Approximately 4.14 million

Number of members: Approximately 350,000

Membership media that supports the introduction and purchase of IT products and services MONOist
Information portal for manufacturing specialists

Number of members: Approximately 480,000

PV: Approximately 2.51 million UB: Approximately 930,000

EETimes Japan
The latest trends in electronics technology in the world
The latest technology and product information for engineers aiming at the world.

PV: Approximately 1.67 million UB: Approximately 580,000

PV: Approximately 480,000 UB: Approximately 150,000

Smart Japan
Problem-solving site for companies working on power saving, power storage, and power generation
Web media to renovate buildings with IT / IoT

PV: Approximately 350,000 UB: Approximately 180,000

PV: Approximately 240,000 UB: Approximately 130,000

The number of PV / UB / members as of March 2022. * 1 as of January 2022. For more information, please refer to the management media introduction material.

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