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Targeting mail

Directly reach members of over 20 specialized media operated by ITmedia Inc.

Directly approach readers interested in specialized media Appropriately and efficiently gain awareness and acquire new prospects

Specialized in BtoB

Delivered to readers of over 20 B2B specialized media

Delivered in earliest 5 business days

Delivery can be made in earliest 5 business days.
(*Varies depending on the content of the consultation case)


It is also possible to narrow down the target audience by various attributes such as media reader, industry, job type, etc.

Are you considering approaching people in the following industries/occupations?

Information system department/business department in charge of DX promotion
Public relations/marketing sales
/information system related positions

Officers of listed companies and listed companies

IT-related companies and
IT implementation key person

Manufacturing industry/manufacturing related jobs
Power and energy industry

Architecture and construction industry

General business users

You can use it in the following situations

  Widely disseminate information to people who are difficult to reach through my own company.

Since readers of more than 20 specialized media outlets receive the e-mail newsletter, it is possible to send information to new potential customers that are difficult to reach through house lists and SNS.

 400 million/Month
page view
67 million/Month
Unique Browser
Number of articles delivered per month
 Detailed and easy-to-understand specialized information Authoritative article

Efficiently approach target industries and occupations.

Since you can specify targets based on member registration information such as industry and occupation and send out one exclusive email advertisement, you can efficiently approach potential customers who match your target.

Email magazine advertisementIt is also effective in attracting customers to seminars and guiding them to campaign sites.

A wide variety of advertisements

Readers and members who receive e-mail newsletters have highly specialized interests, so by using media that has the target audience that you want to view seminars and campaign sites, you can efficiently reach the target audience through seminars and campaign sites. It is possible to guide you to .



ITmedia Inc. also offers services that specialize in attracting seminar customers using e-mail magazine advertisements.



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Exclusive e-mail magazine

We will send a message consisting only of your company's advertisement as an extra edition in the e-mail magazine distributed by each media.

Targeting email

It is possible to distribute by specifying the attributes of media reader members, such as industry, job type, position, number of employees, position, work location, etc.

header ad

Advertising text is placed at the beginning of the e-mail magazine distributed by each media.

Flow and fee

Please see the advertising price list or media guide for advertising fees and details.

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