We offer a wide range of services that help solve various BtoB marketing issues, and we will make proposals tailored to your needs.

A wide variety of advertisements

Customers' awareness

member of specialized media

Acquisition of potential customers

Unique research power

Nurturing prospects

What you can do with ITmedia Inc.

Acquire lead (prospective customer) information

Publish editorial article style advertisements in our media

Deliver email advertisements to readers of our media

Post a banner on our media

Supporting online events such as exhibitions and seminars

Guide readers of our media to apply for seminars

Sponsoring online events hosted by our media

Leverage ITmedia Inc.'s strengths

By analyzing the behavior history of readers who viewed articles from each of the media we operate, we are able to perform targeting based on "reader behavior data."

We have full-time staff who specialize in English, and are able to have direct meetings with representatives from overseas locations. We also collaborate with overseas partner media to assist in global promotion.

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