Approaching interested people


Target selection is important for achieving an effective approach.
ITmedia, which operates specialized media on the Internet, offers advertising placement based on the "interests of the target audience"

At the same time, we also carry out "advertising for media readers" and "providing lead (prospect) information". You can choose an efficient approach that suits your company's challenges

We will propose a service that meets the challenges of your company.
Please feel free to contact us.

Introducing case studies

With direct and indirect effects of inbound acquisition, it had the effect of overwhelming display advertising.
It had the effect of overwhelming display advertising.

V-cube Inc.

Lead acquisition aiming to develop new fields,
achieved a conversion rate of "30%"

Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

Recommended seminar

The true story of media tie-ups Achievements, cospa, and the back side are dissected!

There are many tie-up articles published on the Web media, but what is the effect? What is the secret to achieving the desired results?
We will answer to Gimon, a marketer / agency representative, nakedly!

"There is no exhibition" "Business cards cannot be exchanged"
A concrete method to survive sales and marketing activities under Wiz Corona by "digitalization"

Even if the same sales / marketing activities are carried out, the main points that should be kept in mind are different when digitized, and if they are carried out blindly, the effect will be diminished. Here, we will introduce a specific method for "digitization of sales and marketing activities."

IT review × ITmedia BtoB marketers want to keep in mind Changes in the purchasing review process and countermeasures

For BtoB company product managers, sales managers, and those involved in planning and planning sales and marketing strategies, we explain how to respond to changes in the purchasing process based on the use of media and review sites. ..

[30-minute free webinar]
Tips for achieving results at webcast

We reconsider the position of web cast in BtoB marketing, and explain in an easy-to-understand manner the merits and cost comparisons with real (physical) seminars and the tips and points that will produce results as marketing measures.

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