Lead generation service

Acquire ambitious leads who are actively gathering information for product introduction gathered in specialized media

Total support from content creation to lead acquisition and utilization

Lead acquisition unit price



From 4,000 yen

Number of companies using



500 companies per year

Number of delivered leads



Over 200,000 per year

number of readers



About 1.17 million people

Service operation results



15+ years

Are you having these issues?

Efficient acquisition of target audience

Operating costs

Number guarantee × attribute guarantee
Can be implemented at any time

I don't have content for lead generation, I can't create it

Real-time analysis

Support from article type, PDF, video content creation

Poor utilization of acquired leads

Consistent support</br></br>

Develop a wealth of options to support lead utilization

Efficient acquisition of target audience
▶ Guaranteed number of cases × Guaranteed attributes, can be implemented regardless of time

We provide a guaranteed number of leads with the attributes that your company requires.
Even if you are using it for the first time, you can secure target leads efficiently and reliably.
*Some services are based on performance rewards.

There is no content for lead acquisition, and it is not possible to create it ▶ Support from article type, PDF, video content production

We support the production of white papers, videos, etc., including editorial tie-ups with the cooperation of editorial departments who are familiar with market trends and readers' interests. In addition, with the exception of some products, the content you create can be used for secondary purposes on your company's website, etc.
* It is necessary to apply for the “Content Production Option for Lead Acquisition”.

Unable to make good use of acquired leads ▶ Developing a wealth of options to support lead utilization

We also have a full range of services that lead to the next step through continuous communication with acquired leads, such as collecting additional information, automating import work, and acting as primary follow-up.
*Application for "Lead activation option service" is required.
In addition, we aim to provide leads with accurate information and carry out "profile quality improvement activities" throughout the year.

Use of various Lead activation option service

We are developing various options that smoothly connect acquired leads to nurturing(customer development) measures and sales activities.

lead generation service use cases

Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

Achieved a 30% conversion rate to business negotiations by acquiring leads aimed at developing new business areas.

Cybereason G.K.

The leads I get from ITmedia Inc. are easy to screen and the quality is very good.

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