Online event


Do you have any of these issues?


・ Insufficient resources to hold an event
・ I can't come up with a plan that resonates with my target audience


・ Insufficient house list for attracting customers to online events
・ Participants do not gather even if the event is hosted in-house


・ I want reference information for prioritization when following.
・ I don't know how much you have seen your company's content.

Introducing case studies

Exhibited at SaaS Expo to develop new layers,
Conversion rate of leads
to business negotiations increased to 8%
DocuSign Japan Co., Ltd.
DocuSign Japan, which thought that it was necessary to appeal to a wider range of people in anticipation of the future, decided to exhibit at the "ITmedia SaaS Expo 2021 Summer" held in July 2021 with the aim of developing new groups. We asked her about the points that cultivated a new layer and achieved a high contract rate at this event.

ITmedia webcast Case OGIS-RI
With detailed support,
I was entrusted with a large-scale online seminar with confidence
OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.
OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., which develops a comprehensive IT business from IT strategy formulation to maintenance and operation, will switch the seminars sponsored by the company, which had been gathered together at the venue, to online so as not to break the contact with customers. Determined. We asked him about the reasons why he chose ITmedia Inc. from among the many distribution services and the results.

Recommended seminar

Tips for achieving results at webcast

ITmedia Inc., Inc. has been distributing webcast for a wide range of industries and business applications, including the IT industry, pharmaceutical industry, and manufacturing industry, for more than 10 years. In this webinar, we will reconsider the position of the webcast in BtoB marketing, and explain in an easy-to-understand manner the tips and points that will produce results as a merit / cost comparison with a real (physical) seminar and as a marketing measure.

Thorough explanation of how to use "virtual event"!
How to design and manage an event that will not fail?

In this seminar, what can we actually do with the virtual event that we have been holding for over 10 years? I will explain in detail how it is operated.
Focusing on the design and operation of actual venues, contents, and communication, we will introduce the contents that can be put to practical use.

B2B Digiana Marketing

Why doesn't the number of business negotiations increase even if I exhibit at an exhibition?
What is "B2B Digiana Marketing" that creates "business negotiations on the day of the exhibition" and subsequent "individual business negotiations"?

In order to increase "business negotiations on the day of the exhibition" and "individual business negotiations" by following up without using human resources as much as possible, "B2B Digiana Marketing" that incorporates digital measures utilizing the company's business list and exhibition materials. Is effective. We will tell you about marketing methods that can also be used to support sales partners, including examples.

Tips for practicing lead nurturing

[30-minute free webinar]
Tips for practicing lead nurturing


In response to the recent situation, "webinars" are being actively held. Do you train the collected leads (nurturing)? The basics of nurturing are explained in an easy-to-understand manner.


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