Virtual event / webcast

Supporting prospective customers nurturing

Events such as exhibitions and seminars can be held on the Internet.
Based on abundant event achievements of over 100 events a year,
ITmedia Inc.'s event team supports planning, announcements, attracting customers, and management.

Problem solving

We can solve
the following problems

Insufficient resources to hold events and webinars

I want to reduce operational costs and staff

There are few applicants, it is difficult to attract customers

I don't know how to plan and attract customers properly

Features of virtual event / web cast

Greatly effective in
reducing operating
costs and optimization

Operating costs
The biggest attraction of online events is that they can be held 24 hours a day, anywhere, without visiting the venue.
Since the contents of the actual event (physical event) such as posting the lecture video and distributing the materials can be provided online, it will lead to the reduction of the cost, preparation time and labor cost associated with the exhibition.

It is possible to analyze the situation of visitors in real time

Real-time analysis
Equipped with an online report that allows you to check the user's viewing history and activities history in real time.
Since it also has a questionnaire and contact function that allows the event organizer and users to communicate, it can be widely used as a tool for acquiring and analyzing prospective customer lists as well as follow-up of events.

Consistent support
from planning to

Consistent support</br></br>
Holding an event requires all resources, from planning to management.
With ITmedia Inc., we provide consistent support from planning to announcements, attracting customers, seminar management, and event reports.
Based on our abundant achievements, we will contribute to the success of the event and your company's performance.

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