ABM alert

An email service for sales/ISRs to help them find business opportunities from leads lying dormant in the house list

Have you used up your house list?
We will send you the necessary information by email
once a month to the sales / inside sales staff.

ABM Alert is a push-type service that uses media data to discover companies that are actively collecting information related to your products among the information that is lying dormant in various leads such as house lists, and sends you an email once a month.

Issues solved by "ABM Alert"

Lead acquisition venues have shifted from offline venues such as exhibitions to online venues, making it easier to acquire leads. At the same time, however, we are hearing more and more people say that they are having problems finding business opportunities from house lists. ABM Alert is a service that prevents you from overlooking business opportunities from a growing list of houses.

Sales / Inside Sales Department Issues

  • Call efficiency is declining due to the increase in telecommuting
  • Lack of information for never having had a visit
  • Insufficient resources to follow regularly

Marketing Department Challenges

  • Increase in the number of leads that are being nurtured but cannot be traced by the company's own resources
  • Lack of content for continuous implementation

Contents sent by "ABM Alert"

ABM Alert will send you a personalized email once a month for each sales / ISR representative. Therefore, it is possible to efficiently grasp only the trends of the customer in charge.

You can select the required email content from the following items

Company name It is also possible to describe the name of the customer in charge, category information defined by your company, etc.
Information gathering activity Changes in information gathering activity (ranking) compared to the previous month
Area of interest Keywords in the field of information gathering
Interest service The name of your company's service, pre-associated with their area of interest
Vendors of interest Company name of the vendor collecting information
Link to the system Links to your company's internal systems and dashboards

Media resources to support ABM alerts

Supporting the introduction and purchasing of IT products / services


Number of members: Approximately 480,000

Comprehensive information site for corporate IT products


Number of members: Approximately 350,000

Provide the latest information

on marketing with a focus on technology

PV: Approximately 310,000 UB: Approximately 170,000

Problem-solving media for IT experts


PV: Approximately 9.62 million UB: Approximately 4.14 million

Product / service information site for manufacturing industry


Number of members: Approximately 240,000 (* 1)

The number of PV / UB / members as of March 2022. * 1 as of April 2022.

Audience dashboard

You can browse the number of interested people by genre.

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