With detailed support, I was entrusted with a large-scale online seminar with peace of mind

Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Nishimori of OGIS-RI
OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. Mr. Ryuta Suzuki, Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimori

"With detailed support, I was
entrusted with a large-scale
online seminar with peace of mind."

OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. Business description:
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Utilization of OSS, object-oriented programming, cloud services, agile development, data center operation, security, etc. We consistently provide everything from the development to operation of Osaka Gas's core system, and have a wide range of achievements in manufacturing, finance, and the public interest. In recent years, in addition to focusing on data analysis, IoT and rule-based development, we also provide design thinking, DX support consulting, and new value creation consulting utilizing behavior observation.

The covid-19 disaster has forced all business processes to go online. Many B2B companies have been in trouble, such as "I can't meet customers," "I can't get business cards (new leads) at exhibitions," and "I can't create business negotiation opportunities with seminars as hooks."

OGIS-RI Co., Ltd., which develops a comprehensive IT business from IT strategy formulation to maintenance and operation, will switch the seminars sponsored by the company, which had been gathered together at the venue in the past, to online so as not to break the contact with customers. Determined. We interviewed Ryuta Suzuki and Hidetoshi Nishimori, who are in charge of promotion in the planning team of the company's sales planning department, about the reasons why ITmedia Inc. was selected from among the many distribution services and the results.
Introduction of background and issues

In-house sponsored seminars that can no longer be held in real time due to covid-19 disaster

I want to hold it online

Implementation details webcast service delivery support plan
Effect of use Promote attendance by customers nationwide
Significantly reduce the time it takes to provide leads to sales
Reduction of labor and costs required for seminar management

● Advantages of holding online seminars

――This time, we have switched to online the in-house seminar that was held every year until the Corona disaster. What are the benefits of switching online compared to before?

Mr. Suzuki:
The biggest thing is that there are no restrictions on the location. We have offices in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya, but most of the events are held in Tokyo, and the number of customers who can participate was limited. Sales representatives are pleased that it has become easier for customers across the country to participate because it is online.

There were other cost benefits for both the organizer and the customer. For example, when holding seminars with the same content every day in Tokyo and Osaka, the lecturer sometimes gave a lecture in Tokyo and then moved to Osaka as it was. For example, if the seminar is for about 100 people, 10% of them are from rural areas. When I think about it now, in the past, instructors and visitors had to pay for travel costs.

Mr. Suzuki: Also, the time and effort required to go online and operate has been greatly reduced. When arranging the venue, you don't have to worry about capacity and building security, and you don't have to prepare printed matter in advance. After the event, I didn't have to match the database while looking at the business cards I received from customers.

● ITmedia Inc.'s webcast service that can handle strict security policies

――You are making the most of the characteristics of online. Did you have any concerns about going online? Also, please tell us the reason why you chose webcast ITmedia Inc. .
Mr. Suzuki: Seminars are a valuable touch point with customers for sales staff. As I was forced to switch online due to the corona, I first held a small in-house seminar at Zoom. At that time, I felt that the big hurdle was "the difficulty of reliably delivering the URL of the event to the customer."

Originally, our security policy is very strict, so it is difficult to send a guidance email to our customers after confirming it multiple times. Prior to Corona, safety was ensured by visually double-checking between team members next to each other when delivering guidance emails to customers.

Therefore, it was important not to violate our security policy, such as "whether the URL of the event can be reliably delivered to the customer without human intervention" and "whether the transfer of personal information can proceed smoothly". In that respect, ITmedia Inc. has proposed a service that can centrally manage everything from personal information management to email delivery.
ITmedia webcast system diagram
Centralized management from registration page creation to notification email delivery

Mr. Suzuki:
The other thing is to be able to deliver stable images. And it was also essential to avoid anything that needed to be downloaded for viewing so that it would be as light as possible to the customer.

Mr. Nishimori: Also, long before online events became commonplace like now, ITmedia Inc. held "ITmedia Virtual EXPO", didn't you? We had a lot of experience in offline exhibitions, events and in-house seminars, but we have almost no experience online. I didn't know right or left, and I was worried that I didn't know what to do, but as a pioneer of online events, I had a sense of trust in the management of ITmedia Inc., which has a long track record. This is one of the reasons.

ITmedia Virtual EXPO
ITmedia Virtual EXPO screen

● The key to the proper use of ZOOM and ITmedia Inc. Web services is the size of the participants.

ITmedia Inc. are still using Zoom and ITmedia's webcast services properly. Can you tell us the criteria?
Mr. Nishimori: One is due to the circumstances of the speakers. If you want to introduce it as an example of our customer, if you distribute it through the media, the schedule may be pushed due to the need for approval within the customer, so in that case Zoom can adjust the preparation period to some extent in-house. I will deliver it. On the other hand, when inviting a celebrity to a keynote speech, it may be added value through the media, so in that case, consider ITmedia Inc.'s webcast service.

The other is the difference depending on the size of the participants. If the number of people is small, we will use Zoom because only the members in the company can handle it, but in the case where the number of participants exceeds 100 like this time, it is safe to have the support of ITmedia Inc..

ITmedia webcast support system diagram

● I was relieved because I had abundant experience and generous support.

ITmedia Inc. there any good points about using ITmedia's "webcast Service Distribution Support Plan" this time?

Mr. Suzuki: It was very helpful to be able to flexibly propose countermeasures in real time during distribution. With the platform adopted this time, all visitor data and behavior can be visualized in real time. We have adopted a method in which not only the organizer's secretariat but also the instructor sees the convenient function in real time and responds appropriately.

As a result, there were more questions than expected during the five live delivery sessions. Too many questions can be confusing to the instructor. If it is an offline event, you can forcibly terminate it by saying "It's about time ...". However, online event chat is an environment where viewers can ask as many questions as they like. Therefore, I consulted with ITmedia Inc. on the spot and suddenly stopped displaying all the questions as they were to the speaker. I had them transferred to the secretariat once, sorted them, and then switched to displaying them.

Mr. Suzuki: If the same thing happened in Zoom, I think I could only watch it during the event. In the case of our company, when delivering with Zoom, it is not easy to respond promptly on the spot even if something happens because the person in charge at the Osaka head office manages it.

Mr. Nishimori: ITmedia was more familiar with the platform specifications and was able to propose the optimal countermeasures as appropriate, so we were able to entrust the operation with peace of mind. Also, I was impressed by the very detailed support not only on the day of the event but also when selecting.

I asked a lot of questions by e-mail about the specifications of the webcast service, but in addition to answering each one carefully, I was asked to hold a briefing session on how to use the platform separately from the rehearsal. .. I am very grateful that I was able to reach the day with peace of mind because the image at the time of delivery was solidified there.

● Importance of activity data linked in real time with personal information
registered by participants

Mr. Nishimori:I realized that the question was forwarded to the secretariat, and it was very nice to be able to immediately understand "who is asking which question" on the spot. When I handed it over to the sales staff, I was able to follow them individually by sharing information that "this person in this company was asking this question."

Also, I was very grateful to be able to see in real time the viewer's activities, such as whether or not they were watching and answering questionnaires, in conjunction with personal information. As a planning member, the results will remain visible. Besides, it may take a week for other companies, but it was nice to be able to see the results realistically in the online report at ITmedia Inc..

Mr. Suzuki: As with the report after the event, it was good that we could easily obtain the customer information at the time of application. If we do it, we manage the application information manually, so it takes time to pass the information to the sales staff, but with the ITmedia Inc. service, the simple questionnaire result obtained at the time of application In addition, you can quickly provide information to the sales staff. The ratio of the number of visitors to the number of applicants has increased compared to when we were offline, and the participation rate of existing customers has also increased, so I think it has become easier for sales staff to follow up.

Mr. Nishimori: That's right. The speed of delivering leads to sales reps has been dramatically reduced. It's incomparable to when I was offline. When I was offline, I also handed out questionnaires on paper, so I couldn't give it to the sales staff immediately according to the company regulations regarding the handling of personal information. It was good to be able to hand it over to the sales staff immediately and follow up more quickly than when I was offline.

ITmedia webcast Report
You can check the data in real time in the online report

● Searching for the optimal combination of hybrid, offline,
and online in the future

--Thank you. Finally, please tell us how you plan to use online and offline for your seminars in the future.

Mr. Suzuki:If people return to a large externally sponsored exhibition, I think the exhibition will be offline again, but for us, which has three bases, it is difficult to decide what to do with our own seminars. I don't think we can say to customers who are far away, "Please take the Shinkansen and come to the seminar in Tokyo", so I feel that online will continue to be the mainstream for seminars sponsored by our company.

Mr. Nishimori: I think we will use online and offline depending on the situation of each solution and the purpose of the seminar. Or will it be a hybrid that delivers real events held offline also online? After all, sales staff are good at extracting information little by little from direct conversations with customers and linking it to results, so in order to cherish that opportunity, we are searching for the best combination of online and offline. I think we need to go.

* The information provided is as of January 2022.

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