Achieved a 30% conversion rate to
business negotiations by acquiring
leads aimed at developing new business areas.

Mr. Ryuta Yamaguchi, Team Manager, Sales Department, Vector Japan Co., Ltd. Mr. Kazuki Arai, Marketing Communications Department, Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

"The success rate of first contact
increased, and less than 30% of
all leads were converted into
business negotiations."

Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

Team Manager, Sales Department Mr. Ryuta Yamaguchi
Marketing Communications Department, Mr. Kazuki Arai

Vector Japan provides various communication protocol related products / solutions such as CAN (Controller Area Network) that is mainly incorporated in in-vehicle networks for the automobile industry. Headquartered in Germany, Vector Informatik GmbH (Vector Informatik) has 31 offices in 14 countries around the world and is expanding its business globally. Most of the world's major automobile industry companies are client companies, and the company's in-vehicle system development tools and embedded software have a proven track record as the de facto standard in the world.
Introduction of background and issues

Lack of customer awareness outside the automobile industry

Reach new prospective customers

Implementation details

TechFactory (Industrial Lead Generation)

Effect of use

Obtaining the desired lead in a short period (5 days)

Less than 30% of all leads turn into business negotiations

The challenge for Vector Japan was to acquire customers outside the automobile industry. In recent years, we have provided development tools not only for automobiles but also for fields such as aerospace, railways, ships, medical equipment, and industrial equipment, but we were having a hard time finding potential customers with a high probability of introducing our products due to a lack of awareness outside of the automotive industry.

To solve this problem, the company has strengthened its role in inside sales in addition to the traditional field sales, and has embarked on the development of new customers in collaboration with the marketing department. We further promoted new marketing measures such as placing web advertisements and utilizing digital media, and as part of this, we used ITmedia Inc.'s lead generation service.

We interviewed Mr. Ryuta Yamaguchi, a team that plays the role of inside sales at the company, and Mr. Kazuki Arai, a marketing department, about the measures and results that the company has taken to acquire potential customers.

● Focus on lead generation with the aim of acquiring a new customer base

――What kind of organizational structure and division of roles does Vector Japan develop in sales and marketing activities?

Mr. Yamaguchi: Vector Japan has traditionally conducted sales activities as field sales by asking existing customers, mainly in the automobile industry, for their needs and proposing solutions.

Nowadays, we have added a role generally called inside sales, and in cooperation with the marketing department, we are working with new target groups such as aerospace, railways, ships, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and other mission-critical business areas other than automobiles. We are also strengthening sales activities in the form of acquiring leads and conducting lead nurturing to connect to business negotiations and projects for the industry.

Although we are well known and recognized in the automotive industry, there are many customers who do not know our name outside of that industry. I am also in charge of activities to make such customers aware of the name "Vector".

In addition to field sales targeting existing customers, strengthen the role of inside sales to develop new customers jointly with the marketing department.

――As one of such sales and marketing activities,you adopted ITmedia's lead generation service. How did you pay attention to this measure?

Mr. Arai: Until now, there was no house list other than customers in the automobile industry, which is our customer base. Since our marketing activities centered on exhibiting at events for the automobile industry, we can only approach a limited number of customers who have visited our booth in the first place. In addition, although we distributed and provided content such as product materials through our website, we did not have a download form to ask for customer information. we had not been able to obtain information on customers who were interested in our products. It was also an issue.

We have come to believe that relying on the power of external services is the best way to solve these challenges and reach a large number of our new target audience.

Mr. Yamaguchi: In order to strengthen the role of inside sales, we initially selected customers in the target group and contacted to ask about their needs by telephone, so-called outbound sales. However, it was not well known outside the automobile industry, so it was difficult to contact the target person in charge.

In that regard, customers who are interested in our solution through media articles can approach it effectively. This is the reason why I decided to adopt the lead generation using external services.

● Evaluate ITmedia Inc., which can acquire leads in a short period of time
and is cost-effective

――What kind of external services and media have you used so far? Also, why did you choose ITmedia's lead generation service?

Mr. Arai: I have used database sites and catalog sites for the manufacturing industry, as well as various media advertisements. In addition, because physical events could not be held due to the covid-19 disaster, we also held our own events using an external online event platform.

The main reason for choosing ITmedia is that it is well known among our potential and prospect customers, and I thought it would be more likely to approach customers that we have not been able to reach before.

Also, having experience in publishing articles through media such as "MONOist" is one of the reasons for choosing ITmedia's lead generation service.

With the TechFactory whitepaper download, we were able to get 50 leads in as little as 5 days. This sense of speed is extremely valuable. We also highly value the cost-effectiveness of the lead unit price.
(Mr. Ryuta Yamaguchi, Team Manager, Sales Department, Vector Japan Co., Ltd.)

――How do you evaluate ITmedia's lead generation service compared to other external service media and in-house events?

Mr. Yamaguchi: ITmedia Inc.'s lead generation service, I realized the speed. In the "Tech Factory" white paper download I used, I was able to get 50 leads in a short period of only 5 days. This sense of speed is extremely valuable. We also highly value the cost-effectiveness of the lead unit price.

In addition, although it was difficult to reach customers outside the automobile industry at our own event, we also appreciate that we were able to acquire leads for a new target group by using ITmedia's lead generation service.

● In 2020, nearly 30% of all leads will achieve high results of being converted
into business negotiations.

――How do you manage the leads you have acquired? Also, how does the lead follow-up process work?

Mr. Arai: Originally, I would like to use marketing automation (MA) tools for lead nurturing and other initiatives, but due to the policy of the German headquarters, I have not introduced the tools at this time. Therefore, the lead information obtained from Tmedia's lead generation service is once written to Excel, customers in the target industry are extracted and managed as a house list, and then the sales department follows up by telephone.

Mr. Yamaguchi: Unlike the traditional outbound sales approach, by capturing leads, we are able to make first contact with customers by their personal names. The sales case rate of warm leads has also increased, and last year, we achieved a high level of success, with just under 30% of all leads turning into business negotiations. However, there are still challenges with lead nurturing, so we plan to flag which product genre our customers are interested in and work on individual lead nurturing.

Approaching "interested person" based on lead information,
By implementing outbound sales that utilize lead generation, less than 30% of all leads are turned into deals

――What kind of sales and marketing measures do you plan to work on at Vector Japan in the future?

Mr. Arai: Currently, regardless of whether it is the automobile industry or the non-automobile industry, new suppliers from different industries and other industries are appearing in the market one after another, and the number of customers we are targeting is steadily increasing. Meanwhile, the Vector Group is accelerating its M & A strategy, with an increasing number of new products / solutions.

In order to introduce these new products / solutions to Japanese customers, improve our visibility and recognition, and acquire new customers, we would like to further utilize the lead generation services of external media such as ITmedia.

Mr. Yamaguchi: We believe that the digitization of sales and marketing will accelerate further in the future toward the new normal era of after-corona. Online lead generation using media will continue to be utilized as one of such digital measures.

Online lead generation services allow us to capture a large number of highly accurate leads, so in the future we would like to accumulate information on leads that are not immediately converted into sales cases as important assets and actively engage in lead nurturing to contribute to the growth of our business.

* The information provided is as of July 2021.

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